Smart Tracks


We know that you face unique challenges. Managing the costs of your vehicles and assets (linear and stationary) are critical to your organization’s bottom line.

Smart Tracks, offered by NewCore Wireless, is an asset tracking solution for individuals or small to medium businesses to track the location of nearly everything – from shipments to vehicles to assets to people and much more. Smart Tracks leverages smart technology to provide the quickest, most efficient way to capture information and monitor assets in real time.


With Smart Tracks, you can quickly build asset-tracking solutions to:

• Easily location equipment or people
• Deploy fleets and field service teams efficiently
• Detect theft of equipment or assets
• Maintain real-time inventory of assets by tracking location
• Optimize supply chain by tracking shipments from origin to ultimate destination

Features Include:


Our platform offers the ability to import your delivery/stop locations and create zones of real time visibility into your assets and operations.


Smart Tracks’ flexible dashboards deliver key decision making information. Virtual zones can be set to send alerts when an asset has crossed a boundary. Real-time alerting options include email and text messages.


Web-based user reports provide real- time reporting for optimizing customer operations and making timely decisions.


Manage not just your assets, but your employees, too. Utilize the latest technologies to quickly and easily alert employees via mobile devices.


Fleet – Commercial Vehicles – Buses – Trailers – Agriculture Equipment – And More