Wireless Switching

Wireless Switching

Carrier Solutions for Wireless Switching

NewCore Wireless was founded in 2008 on the principle of providing rural carriers the ability to offer wireless services economically through a shared switching platform. While switching is shared between partners, each company owns and manages their respective cellular sites and markets their plans and services under their own, individual company name.

And even more benefit, NewCore Wireless providing the opportunity for all switching partners to offer their customers services that they could not offer independently. We believer that “TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER”, working with you every step of the way to ensure your success in the wireless business.

Our experience in the rural wireless industry is unmatched. We have previous experience operating a Tier 1 network with almost 400 cell sites and supporting 150,000+ subscribers, as well as a small rural network with 40 sites and 40,000 subscribers simultaneously running AMPS, TDMA and CDMA 2000 networks. All of our experience has allowed us to establish long-term relationships with the best in the industry. What does this mean for you? Affordable rates, quick time to market and an experienced team to guide you the entire way.


Our Wireless Switching Capabilities Include: