National Public Safety Broadband System

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National Public Safety Broadband System
Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Emergency Communication Networks

NewCore Wireless is proud to have been part of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Emergency Communication Networks Division (ECN) public safety broadband pilot network trial in 2014 and 2015. The network, constructed in partnership between NewCore Wireless, Emergency Communication Networks, Great River Energy, and the Elk River Fire Department, was a great success, marking the first successful deployment of an LTE Band 14 Public Safety Broadband Network in the Upper Midwest. Equipment was donated to the exercise by a number of equipment vendors including Motorola and Sonim.

Serving as an excellent education and outreach opportunity for ECN’s larger public safety broadband intuitive, the project also demonstrated the capabilities of a dedicated public safety broadband network to public safety stakeholders.

“The ability to access real-time data is a critical function for public-safety first responders. This network provides the ideal platform for testing the latest technology and equipment that could enhance public and first responder safety,” said T. John Cunningham, Elk River’s Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Management.

The project culminated in a full functional exercise in Elk River, Minnesota on a live, public safety LTE Band 14 network using public safety-specific devices and applications in November 2015.


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