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Benefits of Using Drones for Aerial Inspections

Drones have been used in many different use cases, from everything to monitoring floods and coastlines to helping search for missing people. In our industry, we are seeing autonomous commercial drones change the way telecom companies are auditing and inspecting wireless infrastructure. Using drones for aerial inspections, companies are able to enable the rapid and safe collection of high-resolution imagery and video of tower structures and equipment.

Here at NewCore Wireless, we are proud of our drone solution for telecoms, as it is able to help operators and service providers safely operate drones, meet compliance requirements, and integrate aerial data with GIS and other business systems. Take a look at our interactive drone footage by clicking here.

Some of the benefits include:

  1.  The ability to more quickly identify and verify tower equipment specifications and damage                                                  
  2. The reduction for the need of workers to climb towers to perform routine audits and inspections                                         
  3. The maximization to the disturbance to wildlife                                                                                                                                 
  4. Many more!

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