Case Study

Positioning for Growth – How NewCore Wireless Helped Standing Rock Wireless Upgrade to 3G and Focus on Addressing their Unique Market.

The Challenge:

Standing Rock Wireless is a division of Standing Rock Telecommunications, a tribally owned telecommunications company serving the 2.3 million acre Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North and South Dakota. The company began providing 2G wireless voice and data services in 2010. With the evolution of 3G data and eventually LTE, it became evident in early 2014 that a network upgrade was necessary. The existing network was dated and had become unreliable and could no longer meet the demands of the subscribers.    Standing roc

With limited network technicians on staff, Standing Rock had trouble providing reliable uptime of their existing network. When an outage occurred subscribers could be without service for up to a week while troubleshooting and replacing equipment. This lack of reliability led to lost business and unrealized opportunities.

While Standing Rock wanted to maintain control of the day-to-day operations of a new network they did not have the resources in-house to implement a new network and ensure an adequate level of service.

The Solution:

Standing Rock applied for the FCC’s 901 Mobility Fund Auction and was granted road mile dollars to build a new 3G/4G network serving their tribal lands. Knowing the challenges with their existing network Standing Rock looked to NewCore Wireless to be their partner.

NewCore Wireless provided a turnkey solution to replace their existing network that included RF design, Construction Management, Project Management, and Integration Services as well as ongoing technical support and switching services. Standing Rock was able to utilize their existing equipment already in place on the towers while changing out the NodeB equipment in their shelters.

With the tools in place through NewCore Wireless, Standing rock is able to monitor their network that allows them to anticipate network issues and quickly respond to problems. NewCore Wireless continues to provide ongoing support to supplement in house technicians and deliver a second level of support to improve uptime and reliability.

The Results:
The results of the NewCore Wireless/Standing Rock Partnership have been transformative. The reliability of the new networks has improved significantly and outages that could last a week are less frequent and last no more than 6 hours. With a more reliable network, the company is much more competitive and was able to win back some big accounts from Verizon and AT&T.  NewCoreWireless

More importantly, NewCore Wireless enabled Standing Rock Wireless to focus on their core competencies and bring new products and services to their customers. The unique market that Standing Rock serves puts them in the best position to understand the needs of their subscribers. This provides them a competitive advantage over large national players such as AT&T and Verizon. No longer bogged down by network issues, the company was able to refocus on what they do best, which is, serve the people of the Standing Rock Reservation.

“NewCore Wireless is able to provide monitoring service and improve network reliability enabling us to focus on growth.” Fred McLaughlin, General Manager Standing Rock Telecom.

Standing Rock is taking advantage of these new capabilities by launching a fixed wireless service. The offering will deliver LTE home Internet service to replace copper wire networks that provide inferior coverage and performance. NewCore Wireless was able to contribute valuable expertise and recommendations on bringing this type of service to market, further strengthening this valuable partnership.